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Elsword Hack

Hi there! Are you an Elsword addict too? Great, then I got news for you! Our Elsword Hack tool is one of the best functional hack tools around. It offers some of the most advanced benefits to be found for this game and provides you with all the K-ching you require. The software download can also be used to add many other things: ED, Coins, Speed, Stamina, Awakening Status, Wall Hack or Fly hack, etc.  The tool is very simple and easy-to-use and most importantly… it is undetectable. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD APK v 4.2 (2017)

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Step-by-step installation instructions:

  1. Uninstall all previous versions of Elsword
  2. Download and Install the APK (use the link above)
  3. Extract the download in the Internal Android Folder
  4. Done, Enjoy Elsword with access to all available assets in the game

sword of the gameElsword is a 2.5D action, free-to-play MMORPG, which is built by KOG Studios, a  South Korean Company. It contains actual time action gameplay and integrates both environments vs. player and player modes vs. player.  The game contains 12 playable characters and each player has distinct abilities and unique back stories.  The game is free, but you need to purchase a costume at in-game Item Mall with the real currency.  This game is originally designed with an intention of being the pious decedent to Grand Chase by using the advanced graphics from 2D to 2.5D

The Elsword story started in Elrois, which is considered as a mystical land, and this land got life through the powerful gem’s called as the El Stone. But, when the El Stone is stolen, then Elsword and his associates get ready to search the stolen gem with the search party.  The quest connects the eight regions of the globe together, each region containing multiple subplots that open up as players finish the dungeons in that area. Also, each character contains a personal story, which is told as they rank up and chooses their job-class path.

The features skill is based on Action Gameplay along with community features and role-playing elements of an MMORPG like, chat, guilds and item trading.  You can control the Gameplay using the mouse, a keyboard or gamepad.  The players to execute combos properly within the specified range of the characters it is based on arcade Beat’em ups, which is similar to a fighting game, integrating the elements to give a side-scrolling beat’em up combatant.


Our tool provides you with the most complete access to all possible resources this game includes.This means you will have complete access to generate nearly unlimited:

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  • Coins
  • K-Ching
  • AP
  • ED
  • Stamina
  • fly
  • Speed
  • Awakening Status
  • Wall
DOWNLOAD APK v 4.2 (2017)

How to use?

  • You just need to download the cheat tool and unzip the all the files and place at a suitable location for you.
  • You just need to go the unzipped file folder and look for read-me file.
  • You just need to follow the instructions and soon you will get all the K-ching and any other thing that you want.

We strongly believe our software is better than any other hack in this field and you can’t find anything better for this game on the internet. This hack allows you to enhance your gaming experience and you will have more excitement than farming K-ching and other things.  The other interesting thing about this hack is you can use this hack tool for various purposes by using other twists that you find in a speed hack or fly hack. On top of that, we keep our software up-to-date, so rest assured the tool will always be working with the latest version of Elsword. So it is the time to get your tool and improve your gaming skills.

Steps to follow

  • Download Elsword hack
  • Open the application and run
  • Through e-mail ID connect to your account
  • Choose the features and hit “Start Hack” button
  • Just wait till the process is completed
  • Now you are ready to enjoy your free AP, ED, and K-ching

Elsword is a 2D game that also contains few 3D scenes. Elsword is the key character of the game. He is a fighter and a master swordsman, and he is good at the close-range combat.  Elsword also has other special qualities like he is the fastest fighter and does not have compassion or mercy.  He is good and he can be very helpful in the game. In case you don’t like this guy, then you can as well choose any other characters that can give you fun and make your gameplay more interesting. The major reason of the game is to develop your character to the extent so that you can become a fighting monster.

Here’s why you need this Hack!

Elsword is a very interesting and fun game, but it is still hard to win. Elswords hack can help you with some tricks and it can make the game easier and it helps you play the game effortlessly.  You can find some of the outstanding cheat features, including AP Elsword, K-Ching, Coins, and ED. Also, you can find some of the best Elsword Hack tools such as Elsword Speed, Elsword Fly, Elsword Wall and Elsword Stamina.

DOWNLOAD APK v 4.2 (2017)

How to install?

  • The first step is, download from the website
  • The second step is, ensure that the Tool is placed in the same file folder where the game is installed, otherwise, it won’t work.
  • The third step is, Run the game as an administrator.

You have to check all the resources in the game and confirm how much you want from each resource.

If it does not work, then press update as the site will be updated on a daily basis. They update it daily to help the customers so that they do not get any problems with Elsword Hack.


Elrois main currency is ED: You can get ED in several ways like you can defeat enemies in hunting or dungeons field in your level range, completing quests, selling things to an NPC, or through trading from the market or another player. It is mainly utilized as a fee for several features, including enhancing equipment, crafting, socketing equipment, and etc.

The ED currency can be found in hunting/dungeons fields in 4 kinds of mediums, including Silver ED coins, Bronze ED coins, Gold ED Bars and Gold ED coins.  The medium type that will come from beaten monsters will depend on their level range and the kind of monster they are, for instance, Field Bosses will plunge Gold ED bars whereas a standard bosses drop just Gold ED coins.

AP:  It is a secondary currency, which is used for PvP.  The only way to get AP is to fight in Arena matches. You can also get an extra 300 AP every day if you complete the daily arbitrary searches for Arena.  The amount of AP reward depends on the ranks of your opponent, a number of opponents fought, the battle performance of each match.  The maximum amount of AP that a character can clasp at a single moment is 100,000.  You can use AP as an extra currency for the shop. You cannot trade it with other players.

Guild Coin:   Guild Coin is also a type of currency, which is used for guilds.  You can obtain Guild Coins only by one method that is to complete the Co-op Quests of the Guild. You can get an extra 5 Guild coins once you finish playing “Together” quest.  You can hold an unlimited amount of Guild Coins, however, the guild storage can store up to 5,000 Guild Coins.

You are allowed to store Guild Coins in the Guild Storage, but you cannot take them out of it. The only Guild Master can use Guild Coins and they can expand Guild storage. Also, you are allowed to trade with other player before storing it in the guild storage.

Cash: Cash is real money.  This kind of currency is used just in the Item Mall/Cash Shop.  Each server has a different name for this kind of currency and also has a different conversion scale so that you can match it with the country’s currency rates.

You can obtain cash only through real cash. Although, some incidents in KR can also reward the players with free NX-Cash. Whenever you purchase at the Item Mall, only 10 percent of what you spent will be included to EI Point (EP). All other characters will also share EP within the same account; in spite of the server, they are placed.

The item that you will purchase in the Item Mall goes into the IMS (Item Mall Storage).  Once, it moved to the storage, and then you can easily move your item to your character’s inventory with a right click.  When you move the item to the inventory of the character, your EI Point increases, also it increases for buying an item that doesn’t use IMS and has instant effect.  If you get a package item, EI point of the entire package price is included when the item stays in the package when it is moved to the inventory of the character.

When you purchase an item from the Item Mall, they go into the Item Mall Storage. Then you can move the item you purchased to your character’s inventory using right click. EP gets increases when you the items are moved to the inventory of the character. EP gets increased directly when you purchase the item in the Item Mall items and it will have instant effect, but you should not store the item in the Item Mall Storage.

You can use EI points in EI Points shops, and you can also trade them in Message Boards Shops, but it is probably not possible to use in individual trades or it is not possible to mail them.

But, now you cannot get EI points as it was closed on March 10, 2016, and you cannot use them to purchase the things from the Cash shop.  If you have any EP left in your character’s inventory, you can still use it till the EI point ship closes in 2017.

About our Elsword Hack is able to generate an unrestricted amount of K-Ching. It is considered as the standalone downloadable hack package, but now you can get the hack tool online.  Along with the inbuilt proxy support, it makes it 100 percent undetectable and safe. Genuine Elsword cheats are hard to find, but at this website, you can find the regular updates are available on the website for free.

Special Features:

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How to use?

Elsword main characterThe Elsword hack made it easy for the player, as it made the game easy and easy to operate and it is easy to upgrade it to an online generator. To use it, you just need to click the Start Hack button. This will take you to the new page on the website and it is advisable to read all the details on that page before using.  Once you have the information, now enter your Elsword user ID and mention the amount of K-chang that you need. To obtain the complete advantage of the cheat, also check the proxy box as it makes the Elsword cheat to go unnoticed.

This hack tool is for learning purposes only.  Responsible users may use our programmed software generator on their own prudence. The website does not take any accountability for the actions of any user by using the Elsword Hack generator from this website.

DOWNLOAD APK v 4.2 (2017)

Download hack now

Step-by-step installation instructions:

  1. Uninstall all previous versions of Elsword
  2. Download and Install the APK (use the link above)
  3. Extract the download in the Internal Android Folder
  4. Done, Enjoy Elsword with access to all available assets in the game

Elseword Online Hack FAQ

Elsword Online How safe is it? Can anybody cheat?

Yes, there is a possibility. There are some ways that can allow you to cheat the rules of the game. But, you also have greater risk, if you go for more.  Elsword is one of the few games where you can find some of the powerful hacks apart from the standard bots that facilitates you to farm mechanically.

Is it Lawful cheating in Elsword or the player get banned?

Yes, it is legal, and No, you don’t get banned. Cheating in the game is completely legal all over the world and on the internet.  But, if you are using outdated software, or public hacks or you are being palpable to cheat, then you will be banned to play the game, and you may also lose your progress. The publisher/developers have the full right to ban you from the Elsword game or for that matter any other game for cheating, and also if you are being abusive to other players or abusing hacks you will be banned permanently.

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